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The Yezidi Diaspora of Georgia commemorates the 8th anniversary of the genocide of the Yezidi people in Iraq

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A memorial ceremony for the victims of the Yezidi genocide that took place eight years ago on August 3, 2014 in Iraq was held at the Sultan Ezid Temple in Tbilisi (Georgia). The event was attended by representatives of the Yezidi clergy and guests who are not indifferent to the fate of the Yezidi people.

On this day, in the temple, the members of the spiritual council honored the memory of the victims of the genocide with prayers for the repose of the souls of those who were victims of this terrible tragedy. In the Cultural Center at the temple, the guests were reminded of the "picture" that happened to the Yezidis of Iraq eight years ago, about how terrorists treacherously attacked Yezidi villages and vulnerable regions where the Yezidi community lived, killing thousands, women and children were abducted and sold into slavery. And all these atrocities are still going on, about how no one helped this people, how in the first days of the genocide the world turned a blind eye to crimes against humanity. The Yezidis were destroyed for their ancient peace-loving religion, in confirmation of this, the organizers read a poem by the poet-writer Aziz Isko "Es Ezdime" (I am Yezid).

Yuri Smoev, head of the Yezidi Cultural Center of the Caucasus and employees of the organization were also among the guests at the ceremony. We honor the memory of the victims of the Yezidi genocide and we grieve for them.

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