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Iraq: Medical examination of exhumed Yezidi bodies completed in Tal Afar region

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A national group, consisting of the Yazidi Martyrs Foundation's Department for Affairs and Protection of Mass Graves and the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Ministry of Health, has completed its campaign to collect information and blood samples from the families of victims from Mosul, in the Tal Afar region. In this area, the Yezidi minority has been subjected to massive ethnic cleansing, killings and captivity by ISIS terrorists.

The statement of the Director of the Department for the Affairs and Protection of Mass Graves also indicated that all work was carried out with the support of the International Committee on Graves (ICMP).

According to the materials and results of the campaign, 668 reports of missing people from residents of Tal Afar were registered, of which 656 blood samples were identified with missing residents of this region, and 12 blood samples of missing people from other regions.

Dengê Êzdiyan

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