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Exhumation of another Yezidi mass grave in Sinjar

Read: 629     12:30     23 Ноябрь 2021    

Last week, another mass grave was discovered in Sinjar, which contained the remains of 60 people, according to the preliminary version, these remains belong to local Yezidis. The grave was discovered by a group of builders in the process of leveling the ground.
These people were brutally murdered during the ethnic cleansing of ISIS in the Yezidi territories of Shangal from 2014 to 2015.
Khairi Ali, the director of the Yazidi organization, which is engaged in documenting the crimes of ISIS against the Yazidi population, said:
"After intense pressure from organizations, religious figures and Yezidi residents of the area, a group from the Department of Mass Graves arrived at the cemetery site, and on the same day they removed the remains. When the examinations are completed in Baghdad, we will return the remains to Sinjar to prepare for reburial."
Khairy stressed that the remains of all the victims will be transported to Baghdad for examination and identification.
In July last year, the same mass grave of Yezidis was found, but the authorities tried to hide it by bulldozing the entire territory, also, Iraqi intelligence officers tried to illegally transport the remains from the cemetery in bags, but residents of the area prevented them from doing so.
On June 30, a high-ranking Yazidi delegation, which included several clerics and prominent figures of the region, visited the headquarters of the Iraqi intelligence and informed them about the protest of the Yazidis against what they had done, but the military replied that they allegedly did not know about the existence of a mass grave.


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