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Kurdistan announced a week's rest for Yazidi civil servants

Read: 1050     15:30     06 Октябрь 2021    

The Yezidi civil servants of the Kurdistan region will have seven days off in honor of the religious holiday. This was announced by the representative of the Yezidis in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Khairi Bozani.
The weekend will begin on Wednesday, October 6, and will last until October 13, as approved by the Kurdistan Parliament. They are announced in honor of Cemaya Şîxadî — one of the most important religious events for the Yezidis. These days, the Yezidis seek to make a pilgrimage to their main temple, Lalesh, in order to unite as one people in their shrine. However, due to the pandemic, which restricts mass gatherings, there will be no special mass events this year.
The holiday of Cemaya Şîxadî was not celebrated by the Yezidis of the former USSR because the spread and development of religious holidays of representatives of national minorities was not supported on the territory of the USSR.


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