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What awaits Yazidi minority before and after the elections in Iraq

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The upcoming elections in Iraq are important for Yazidi minority because they will determine who will lead the country and what policies will be implemented. Yazidis want to see a government that will recognize their rights and help them rebuild their lives. They also want to see a government that will bring justice to those who have committed crimes against them.

In the run-up to the elections, Yazidis are concerned about a number of issues, including:

· Security: Yazidis are concerned about their security both in their homeland and in the camps to which they have been displaced. They are concerned that IS may still pose a threat and are also concerned about other armed groups operating in Iraq.

· Representation: Yazidis want to have influence in the Iraqi government. They want more Yazidi MPs elected and their rights and needs represented in government policies.

· Reconstruction: Yazidis want their home areas to be rebuilt so they can return home. They also want compensation for damage to their pre-genocide property and businesses.

After the elections, Yazidis hope that the new Iraqi government will take steps to address their concerns. They want to see a government that is committed to security, justice and reconstruction. Yazidis need to see a government that respects their rights and culture. However, there are some concerns that Yazidis may be placing false hopes in the upcoming elections. The Iraqi government faces a number of challenges, including economic problems and political instability. It is also unclear whether the new government will be willing to provide Yazidis with the necessary representation and resources.

Overall, the future of Yazidis in Iraq is uncertain, but they are determined to rebuild their lives and achieve their goals. Yazidi people hope that the new Iraqi government will be a partner in this process.

Here are some of the concrete actions Yazidis hope to see from the new Iraqi government:

Strengthening security in their home areas and in camps where they have been displaced. This may include deploying additional security forces to these areas and working to disarm and dismantle armed groups.

Compensation for damage to their property and businesses during the conflict. This would help Yazidis rebuild their lives and return home.

Investment in the reconstruction of their neighborhood areas. This could include rebuilding schools, hospitals and other infrastructure.

Recognizing their rights and culture. This could include passing laws protecting their religious freedom and cultural heritage.

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