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The beginning of the return of Yazidi families displaced from Sinjar areas

Read: 367     15:30     10 Май 2022    

The commander of the Iraqi army in the northern province of Nineveh announced the beginning of the return of displaced Yezidi families to the Sinjar region after the stabilization of the security situation in the areas where the Yezidi population lives.
Major General Jabbar Al-Tai said in a statement that security tensions have been observed in the Sinjar area over the past few days, which was controlled through the deployment of army forces in order to prevent any sabotage actions, stressing that at the moment the situation in Sinjar is safe and calm, the police and government agencies are working.
Al-Tai added that dozens of Yazidi families who were displaced last week to the Kurdistan region began returning to their homes yesterday after confirming the security and agreements that were concluded in this regard.
The Iraqi military commander announced that the army had professionally performed its duties, while saying that none of the civilians were injured.


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