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"Nadia's Initiative" Supports Grand Opening of General Directorate for Survivors’ Affairs in Sinjar

Read: 715     12:30     23 Август 2022    

Since the passing of the Yazidi Survivors Law in early 2021, Nadia’s Initiative has been working with the General Directorate for Survivors’ Affairs (GDSA) to ensure the expedited and survivor-centered implementation of the law. This support includes helping to establish the GDSA’s office in Sinjar, providing critical training to the Sinjar office’s staff, and comprehensive outreach to survivors in the region.

This past weekend, Nadia’s Initiative supported the official opening of the GDSA’s Sinjar office. In the coming weeks, the office will begin processing survivors’ applications, so they can finally receive their long-awaited and critical reparations from the Iraqi government. Ensuring justice and accountability for survivors of ISIS captivity and sexual violence is a cornerstone of Nadia’s Initiative’s ongoing work in the region.

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