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The urgent need to preserve our Yazidi culture in paintings

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Reports to Western human rights organizations say that the campaign of mass killings and kidnappings suffered by Yazidis convinced Yazidi activists of the need to document their endangered belief system and record their outstanding oral history.

The annual cultural archive project supported by Community Jameel and led by Yazda, an organization that advocates for religious minorities, contributes to the psychological recovery of Yazidi girls, as confirmed by the consultant for this program, Nisha Sajnani, Director of Art and Health at New York University. Art workshops and field trips encourage young Yazidi girls to exchange support with each other, each participant chooses her own topic for work, selection is an important part for girls who were deprived of all their strength when they were slaves in the families of ISIS terrorists.

Many girls who paint express all the accumulated pain in their paintings. Thus, the girls freed from slavery want people to understand what their life was like in captivity and slavery, the only way they can express their suffering by drawing.

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