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"Gender gap" for Yazidi girls

Read: 2045     12:30     24 Июнь 2022    

Most often, due to the cultural factor, Yazidi girls are exposed to a "gender gap" in the development of new technologies: for example, to the Internet. As you know, most often, Yazidi girls in marginal families are not allowed to use the Internet when the situation with young men is different. The reason for this in marginal families is simple: "girls using the Internet "spoil" and become "wayward". And this waywardness scares such families, as they see it as a threat to the patriarchal order. Also, in addition to fathers or brothers, access to the Internet is often prohibited by mothers themselves. The logic in this is also simple, most often women in such families are afraid of their husbands or are jealous of the freedom that their daughters can get.

Many turn a blind eye to the fact that the ban on access to the Internet is a violation of human rights, due to the fact that they are not aware of the same human rights.

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