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Employees of the Cultural Center of the Yezidis of the Caucasus acted as speakers at the 14th session of the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva

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On December 2-3, the 14th session of the Forum on Minority Issues was held in Geneva in a hybrid format. Oksana Smoeva and David Babayev, employees of the Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis, took part in the Forum as speakers.
The speakers stated that international organizations need to pay due attention to the Yezidi community before it disappears as an ethnic group. The topics of discrimination of the Yezidi minority by the titular nation in the countries of its residence, mainly in the South Caucasus, were also touched upon.
The main purpose of the event is to develop regional recommendations on conflict prevention and protection of the rights of national minorities. During the two-day discussions, the participants provided their recommendations on the main root causes of modern conflicts involving national minorities. Based on the discussions and contributions of the participants, the main result of the European Regional Forum will be a document with practical recommendations reflecting regional contexts and challenges.

Video of the online forum on the official UN website:


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