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To the head of the Interstate TV and Radio Company "Mir 24" Radik Batyrshin - Chairman of the MTRK "Mir"

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Dear MIR24 TV channel,

Until now, most of your journalists have been held captive by imposed stereotypes about the Yezidi people. Unfortunately, these stereotypes have had a very painful effect on the Yazidi people in Iraq in Syria in the past, because these stereotypes have become provocative.
In your story, journalist Irina Mykyrtichyan calls the religion of the Yezidis pagan. The Yezidi people, neither in the past, nor in the present, nor in the future, were, do not remain and will not be pagans.


It was these words, the incorrect interpretation of the Yezidi religion, that became provocative when ISIS began to carry out genocide against the Yezidi people. The Yezidi religion is a religion of monotheism and is not paganism.
Yezidis are not sun worshippers. If Irina Mykyrtichyan had had enough education, she could have conveyed the true tenets of the Yezidi religion in the plot, and not focus on minor religious rites, of which other leading religious movements are full. By giving false information that Yezidis are sun worshippers, in fact, again returning the Yezidi religion to idolatry, your channel, with a smile on the faces of the presenter, makes us renegades in the regions of residence and an even more marginalized community. At least, the journalist could consult with knowledgeable religious figures in Armenia. More than 100,000 Yezidis lived in Armenia, according to official statistics, no more than 30,000 Yezidis remained, which shows the depressing situation of the Yezidi people.

The largest temple is the shrine of all Yezidis – Lalesh, all the others have an official name - ziyerety. No temple or ziyeret in importance and even in size for the Yezidi people can be higher than the Lalesh shrine.
Once again, the journalist Irina Mykyrtichyan threw out the stereotype that the girls of the Yezidi people get married early. It should be noted that all the peoples who have taken root in the South Caucasus have this tradition of early marriages, but for some reason only the Yezidi people stick out, which is fundamentally wrong.

In view of such lapses in your broadcasts, I ask you to pick up the phone from now on and call any Yezidi, whether he is a religious leader or a knowledgeable public figure, who can give exhaustive and socially useful information for your viewers regarding the Yezidi people, and everything related to Yezidism.

With respect,

Iuri Smoev - Head of Cultural Center of the Caucasus Yezidis

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